Citiesense Platform

Map-based data management for improving your downtown.

Mapping, collaborative data collection, reporting and analysis.

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Data analysis

Instantly visualize all your neighborhood data on one map.


Unique webpage for every record, easily accessible on mobile and desktop, ADA compliant –– perfect for operations and engagement.

Shareable Maps

Publish and share maps to highlight local activity and conditions. Leverage open and public data for added context.

QR Codes

Connect your data to real world assets.


Receive notifications about changes to your neighborhood's data.


Improve accuracy and accountability of district assessments.


REST API to access and manage your data from anywhere.


Synchronize your data to Salesforce, Carto and ESRI.

Member management for your growing community.

Membership features, community engagement, simple outreach.

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Manage membership

Create membership plans and accept payments.

Embed into your website

Seamless integration with your organization’s website.

Share exclusive data

Control what your organization shares and whom you share it with.

Business Services

Data driven business services and community-wide loyalty programs and business assistance.

Every location is unique.

Citiesense automaticallly generates a new page and URL for every record about your neighborhood. Perfect for new tools like QR Codes and Beacons.

Use Cases

Asset management

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Neighborhood guides

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Loyalty programs

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